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Case Studies

Wireless LAN Crime Case

The Network Auction Fraud converted to a wireless pattern 3 years ago since 2003, and it has not been easy to crack downed by the CID police, until the Kaohsiung Police Bureau, for the first time in Taiwanese Police Authority's history, to adopt a brand new technique innovated by Decision-Computer International Co., Ltd.

The suspect with last name called Chen lives in Kaohsiung, who uses wireless Internet accesses to avoid the police from tracing and investigating him. He pretended to be true and made fraudulent e-announcements saying that he got a special channel to purchase gift vouchers from different famous department store like SOGO and Far Eastern Department Stores in Taiwan with a 14% discount. Because it is impossible for the ordinary consumers to buy those gift vouchers with a discount ranging from 1% to a maximal of 3% unless they buy it with amount of millions NT dollars and beyond.

With a price difference more than 11 percent, it did attract some consumers to buy from Chen through Internet. At the beginning, Chen sold limited amount of gift vouchers to cyber users really with a 14% discount as he pronounced, to win the trust even though he might lose money. However, after those greedy buyers trusted him and remitted substantial amount of cash money in order to buy the vouchers, then he took the cash and disappeared. In half year of time, he deceived almost 1,000 persons of cyber buyers with total fraudulent money exceed 7 million NT dollars.

The reason why Suspect Chen might succeed to deceive bigger amount of money from many people again and again, mainly because Chen hided himself behind the cyber curtain of Internet with a high ranking appraisal account number, and most importantly, he used wireless accesses to Internet which makes the CID very difficult to trace him.

This 30-years-old suspect Chen is one of the typical deceivers using the advantage of wireless auction surrounding on the web. Chen presumed that wireless access would hide him from been trapped. But he never imagines that a high-tech weapon of tracing apparatus call "E-Detective Internet Behaviour Auditing System" has been innovated and is promoting to be commercialized by Decision-Computer International Co., Ltd.

Mr. M. H. Lim, Captain Detector, and Mr. M. J. Tseng, Detector, of Criminal Investigation Department of Kaohsiung Police Bureau, are glad to be our good reference for the efficiency and effectiveness of E-Detective system.

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