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Break the fraud crime group, headed by OO Chen and 17 members, which operates an incense shop as cover, recruits juvenile delinquents, and makes bloody money in fraud calls with victims in China by faking Chinese police, prosecutors, bank staff.

Technology and Method behind Cross-border Fraud Investigation in Telecom and Internet (Download Presentation Slides)    (Download Voice)

( From Taipei, Taiwan ) Sector Five of Brigade Six of Crime Investigation Bureau, Taiwan in this investigation got intelligence information in January 2010. From intelligence information, fraud criminal group in Taiping, Taichung County recruited youths to involve telecom fraud crime in China by the cover of temple activities. This fraud crime group pretended to be customer service staff of China Telecom, police, prosecutors and staff of finance institutions, and committed fraud crimes to those mainland Chinese residents by overdue telephone bills, money remittance in saving accounts. The fraud crime by this group is quite delicate as layers of roles in up, middle, and down streams while they were contacting with Chinese victims. Their modus operandi contains:

  1. First step, they connected with victims randomly by IP phone, had them recall by pressing "9" to call center of crime group.
  2. The first female customer service staff claimed that victims forget to pay overdue telephone bill, interest of loans, overdue utility bill…etc., or perhaps victim's ID was counterfeited, and requested victim to call police.
  3. They transferred the call to police faked by other male partners in the group. The faked police asked victim to change PIN code of bank account from ATM by their instructions in order not to be defrauded or detained by prosecutors, and transferred all funds in victim’s bank account to a dummy account.
  4.  Or second-line members pretended prosecutors or officials of financial institution to request victim to transfer all funds from bank account to a dummy account of crime group in order to avoid the risk of account information breaching. Later on, swindler group withdrew all funds from dummy account. 

Based on common interest of cross-strait anti-crime cooperation to combat telecom swindler group, Sector Five of Brigade Six actively collected related information and evidence with the team support of local police in Taiping, Taichung County. Police reported to Prosecutor Office of Taichung District, Taiwan, were under prosecutors command by law, spent 8 months in investigation, and finally arrested the entire swindler group in the red hand under the command of the prosecutor Ru-Juan Xiao , Shu-Ling Lin on 4 August, 2010.

According to investigation report, most suspects are members of Taiwan local religion group involved in regular temple activities, and employees of an incense shop as a cover. Inside incense shop, which is the headquarter of swindler crime group, there are several chambers with secret backdoors, several video cameras implemented in corridor connected with these chambers to monitor police activities. When police team tried to search the house by warrant, the suspected refused to open door, ran through different chambers, destroyed evidence and document in computer, burned SIM cards and others. After Police broke the door, they all got caught. In the beginning all suspected denied the crime they committed. They were speechless and pleaded guilty when they faced the evidence of conversation restored from fraud calls, which police collected by E-Detective from Decision Group through different networks in 8 months. After questioning, 17 members led by OO Chen were transferred by fraud accusations first to Prosecutors Office of Taichung District, Taiwan for further investigation.

According to investigation report, this group has committed such fraud crime for more than 8 months, and the profitability is difficult to estimate. The stolen money was withdrawn from dummy accounts by members hidden in China, and transferred to normal commercial accounts for laundering. Some money was remitted to Taiwan as salary of members. It is so profitable that crime group committed it over and over again. It is also found that many are juvenile delinquents and members of local religion activity group. They usually participated in tour activities of the gods and goddesses, but secretly engaged in fraud acts to make bloody money. They think those gods and goddesses would have protected them from police, but they eventually got caught by police. Actually gods and goddesses will always take care of those innocence and justice.

In this operation, E-Detective by Decision Group is the effective tool for police and prosecutors. E-Detective does not only provide high quality of voice from intercepted calls, but it also provides all CDR with routing information. In the mean time, this fraud crime group frequently used different network route to connect fraud calls through Internet in order to escape from investigation of both Taiwan and China. E-Detective can work flexibly with network infrastructure of telecom service providers in terms of Internet and telecom network, store large volume of intercepted data, and retrieve it for further analysis with the 3rd party application.

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