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Cyber Crime: New Challenge to Mankind Society
Introduction to the Nature of Cyber Crime and its Investigation Process

¤ Co-host with Digital Education Institute, for Information Industry, Taiwan.
¤ Cyber Crime Investigation Course Objective  (Presentation Slides)

The purpose of this program is to give all attendees a clear picture of the nature of cybercrimes and how to investigate such crimes with new technology and procedures. Since new cybercrimes arise by a leap of development of telecommunication and information technologies, investigators must face such challenges with creative reasoning and technical skills.

We provide this training program not only with newly developed technologies and skills, but also, with case studies on the methodology to apprehend such cybercrimes in real-world environments by experienced cybercrime investigators. Attendees, after taking this training program, will understand the basics of cybercrime, effective ways to investigate it, and most important, first-hand lessons from real-world cases.

  1. The Nature of Cyber Crime
    The most distinct nature of cyber crime from traditional one is borderless and anonymous. By the help of pervasive network technology, cyber crime is ramping over areas, regions, and countries. For investigators, it is really hard to get the true picture of the whole crime process because of dispersed elements in different places. In this session, we will present the true profile of cyber crime in terms of process, technology behind, behavior model and mind set. Dr. KC Wu is emeritus professor in Department of Information Technology, National Central Taiwan University, and has full experience and study on development of information technology in crime.

  2. Cyber Fraud  (Course Exsample)
    Cyber Fraud is the most common and significant type of crime, and cover versatile facets, such as fraud in cyber auctions, VoIP phishing, identity stealing, ...etc. In this session, we will present you with different types of real-world cybercrime cases, how it happens, and profiling the criminals. The most important point of the course is that we will give you a better understanding of cyber fraud and their weaknesses. You may easily find the crime model when you deal with cyber fraud, know how to investigate it, and keep all evidence legally valid. Richard Chuang is Chief of the Cybercrime Prevention Squad in the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Taiwan National Police Agency, and had led many investigations in cybercrimes for the past 5 years.

  3. 3. Procedure of Lawful Investigation on Cyber Crime
    After investigating a cybercrime, collecting all the evidence, and preparing to submit the evidence to the court, are you sure that all the evidence in your hand is valid and legal? Without a lawful procedure in the cybercrime investigation, your effort will be fruitless. In this session, you will learn the formal investigation procedures in cybercrime, its difference from legacy crimes, and legal requirements of evidence in the court. Dr. Chien is the expert in this field, and has also published several research papers on this topic.

  4. Case Study on Internal Threat and Information Security Issues  (Case Study Exsample)
    In the previous sessions, we covered cybercrime in many different aspects, but most of the cybercrimes we mention were external threats. Cybercrime from internal threats will be presented in-depth in this session. Traditionally this kind of cybercrime has been neglected by the public. We will highlight it with many case studies and show how to deal with it. With much experience and academic accomplishments, Dr. DG Kao will give a detailed understanding on internal cybercrime, how to prevent, and how a law enforcement agency can collect evidence for a lawsuit in the court.

In this training program, a certificate will be presented after passing the qualification process. The recipient will have the knowledge and skill to investigate cybercrimes.

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